Agile Mindset

Mindset is a reflection of our assumptions, biases, way of thinking, and beliefs that is visible in our choices, decisions and behavior.

An Agile mindset characterizes flexibility and willingness to adapt to changes and unforeseen circumstances.

A person / team having an Agile mindset is:

  • Curious to learn,
  • Continuously trying to improve,
  • Willing to experiment new ideas,
  • Not hesitant to take risks,
  • Not running away from challenges,
  • like growing a muscle,

so that when needs / circumstances change, they are ready to adapt to it.

An Agile Mindset underpins the work of successful agile teams.

On the other hand, someone having a Fixed Mindset would be relatively less flexible, thinks that they know it all, assumes there will be no changes, is not open to learning / feedback, avoid trying new ideas etc.

'Mindset' by Carol Dweck introduced a comparision between a Growth Mindset and a Fixed Mindset and how one can inculcate a Growth Mindset.


Also Refer: Agile Mindset by Kamlesh Ravlani